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Professional Background

Problem Solver | Turnaround Specialist | Strategic Leader

Early Education

I am a certified gifted child in 3 states, was reading books at 18 months old and skipped two grades. I am a proud public school kid, having attended public school all of my life, and I am grateful for the motivated teachers and educators, especially my high school guidance counselor, Lee Campbell, who started my interest in community service and politics. I am still very close to many of my teachers today.

My Degrees
Six Sigma Certifications
Working At Kodak
MBA Graduation

College and Graduate School

I graduated high school and went to college at 16 years old, and received a full academic Presidential Scholarship to Tennessee State University in Nashville. They did not have a double major program at the time, so I designed my major in the Interdisciplinary Studies program, graduating with degrees in Computer Science and Mass Communication with a minor in philosophy.

I graduated college at 20, and moved to Rochester, New York for an internship at Xerox, which led to a job offer at Eastman Kodak Company, where I stayed for 4 years, working in website design and development, branching into process improvement, and heading up the deployment of complex programs like SAP and Total Cost of Ownership.

I went back to school for my MBA at Vanderbilt University, where I received a full academic Dean's Scholarship and concentrated in Marketing and Operations with an emphasis on International Studies. I was one of 2 students selected for the International Business Certificate Program at WHU in Koblenz, Germany, and one of 4 students selected to intern for the summer at, which was at the forefront of e-commerce retail at the time.

Pacific Northwest Bound

After graduation, I was offered a position with Expedia, Inc, which brought me to the greater Seattle area.
There, I received my certification as a Six Sigma Black Belt and Lean Kaizen Master and discovered my love for tech operations.

Two years later, I moved to Amazon, where I used my marketing skills in their online and in-shipment
advertising departments for one year, and then moved to Microsoft, where I spent 6 years running the Zune
Originals online store, helping to build the physical supply chain for the Microsoft Online Store, and designed
and helped to build Microsoft's Digital Supply Chain.

I started my own business in 2014, Arcana Solutions, based on my passion for process improvement, turning around
troubled businesses and organizations, and supporting the growth of small businesses in the Seattle area. This led
me to the Allen Institute, where I accepted a full time position last June, and I currently serve as the Senior Manager
of Corporate Services, where I manage the cross-functional initiatives that support the cutting-edge science of the
Institute for Brain Science, the Institute for Cell Science, and the Frontiers Group.