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Political Experience

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Growing Up In The South

I grew up in conservative Tennessee, but as an African-American female middle-class child of an immigrant and military family, and with parents who lived through segregation and the Civil Rights Movement, I found myself at the intersection of liberal and conservative ideals and values--a diverse cocktail that forms the foundation of my political values today.

Obama 2008 and 2012
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Getting My Feet Wet

In high school, my counselor Lee Campbell introduced me to politics in earnest, and we ended up having hours-long conversations about parties and policies, and I found myself fascinated by international relations and economic policy. The first Presidential election I was actually able to vote in was the Gore/Bush election of 2000, and I was a volunteer and field operative in every election since, on the federal, state, and local levels, mostly for Democratic candidates, but occasionally for Republican candidates that I felt were the best people for the job in red-state Tennessee.

My Political Philosophy

I believe that government is an expression of how we, as members of our community, care for one another, and that government leaders are accountable to making sure that all people know how we are doing towards that end, and for creating paths for us to do that better.

My north star/ guiding light is workability. I am most interested in solutions and stances that provide realistic solutions with measurable results for our communities that are also in alignment with our shared values. I believe that wisdom can and does come from everywhere and everything, and that a true leader is someone who can create positive outcomes for themselves and others using that wisdom.

Active and Engaged

I continued this during my time in New York, volunteering for the Hillary Clinton for Senate campaign, and continued my political work when I moved to Washington State in 2005.

Obama 2008
In 2008, I was selected as a delegate from the 47th Legislative District to the State Convention for Barack Obama, volunteered for his re-election campaign in 2012, and then was selected as a delegate for the 37th Legislative District, 9th Congressional District, and the State of Washington to the Democratic National Convention, pledged to Hillary Clinton.

I have also supported campaigns for Lisa Wellman, Kristine Reeves, and other local and state races during my time in Washington, and look forward to participating in many more!