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Who is Jami Smith?

Practical Progressive | Socially Conscious Businesswoman | Collaborative Problem-Solver

Family and Background Family and Background

An African-American female middle-class child of an immigrant and military family, and with parents who lived through segregation and the Civil Rights Movement, Jami was raised with honor and values that she can bring to City Council.

Professional Experience Professional Experience

A certified Six Sigma Black Belt with an MBA in Marketing and Operations and over 18 years of experience in high-tech companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Expedia, Jami has an eye for economic development and job creation.

Political Experience Political Experience

A 2016 National Delegate to the Democratic National Convention, member of the City of Renton Planning Commission, and member of the Mayor's Inclusion and Diversity Task Force, Jami has the political experience to lead.



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    We know that Seattle is the Silicon Valley of the north. We must prepare Renton to take advantage of the new opportunities coming our way. We need the skilled workforce to fill the jobs that are coming here.

    I will build the community that brings those jobs here. I can fill our empty storefronts with the entrepreneurs of the future.

    Just as Renton Field brought in aerospace jobs, I know we can bring those jobs for the people of Renton, because Renton is the future of Washington.

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    • Create maker spaces and live/work spaces to fill vacant storefronts in the downtown core.
    • Partner with local schools, like Renton Technical College, to train people to work in small and medium sized manufacturing companies.
    • Connect local schools and colleges with international businesses such as the Allen Foundation, Google and angel investors to create a small business startup competition.
    • Bring high-speed broadband internet access to the downtown core.
    • Build the infrastructure to support Renton’s businesses and residents.

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    We all know that K-12 education is the paramount duty of the state of Washington. I will promote and extend after-school tech programs, community volunteer programs, library and reading programs, and adult education programs. After all, the future of our kids and families are the responsibility of all of us.

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    Housing prices are skyrocketing. I wouldn’t be able to afford to buy the house I bought just four years ago. I want to ensure that everyone in Renton can stay in their homes. We want to be able to keep everyone in their homes without Renton falling victim to gentrification.

    As we attract new business and industry, we will also attract new people, and we need to make sure that they have housing here too. Before developers build new apartment complexes, however, we need to work with them to determine and implement affordable housing solutions. By looking at our neighboring cities, we can learn what works and what doesn’t work, so that the crises that other cities are experiencing do not become Renton's reality.

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    ST3 is actually a good idea, but we need to make it work for Renton. Going north-south, we have two options. The east side of Lake Washington gives us a VMAC stop, but it cuts off southwest Renton. On the west side, we lose southeast Renton. Going east-west (which I believe is the optimal choice), we can connect the Tukwila stop with Issaquah and run through the downtown core – but we don’t currently have the density to support it, which is why we need to build downtown businesses and the community that goes with it.

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    As Renton grows and becomes more complex, we need to ensure that the city government’s efficiency stays high. I want to make sure that we have the resources necessary to provide the services needed in the most efficient way possible. You can trust me to accomplish this because it is what I do – I am a certified Six Sigma Black Belt and a Lean/ Kaizen Master. I have the training and expertise to create and implement high-quality, high-efficiency solutions. Taxpayers should know that their money is in good hands.

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    According to the 2015 Residential Survey, residents felt that city government was out of touch with minority communities, which is why the Mayor instituted the Diversity and Inclusion Task Force, on which I proudly serve. Being cognizant of diversity and inclusion is vital for Renton, because people of color already make up the majority of our residents. We will only grow more diverse as time goes on. I am proud to be a leader on this issue.

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    We are blessed to live in a city that doesn’t have the kinds of problems big cities have to deal with. That’s because we have done great work with community policing programs such as Coffee With A Cop. I will continue to support these efforts, and work with the police department to make the downtown core feel safer for our residents. Even though we are fortunate to be a safe and inclusive city, I will make sure that we actively engage our communities to stop problems before they begin.